SlicedLine™: Jawline Trainers (ToughBite)

SlicedLine™: Jawline Trainers (ToughBite)

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Build Your Dream Jawline Today!

1. Start the workout

Ready your SlicedLine: Wash both units with warm water and place them on your molar teeth: one on the right, one on the left.
Make sure to place each unit on the last 2-3 teeth to maximize your workout efficiency.

2. Chew slowly

Chew slowly to the limit and hold for 1 second. Repeat until your jaw muscles tire from the exercise.
This should take around 2 minutes.

3. Chew fast

Chew quickly but in a controlled manner for another two minutes. This is your first set. Congrats!
Now relax. Repeat this set 5-10 times every second day.

4. See the difference

Look into the mirror and see the difference. You can almost see your jaw muscles growing. Continue the workout and you will have a strong, masculine and attractive jawline in no time (women will notice it, too)!
Train wherever and whenever you want. Just remember taking your SlicedLine tin with you.